Day 1 – Bartonville to Springfield to Cairo

Day 1 – Bartonville to Springfield to Cairo

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After my morning coffee, I packed up the van and left Bartonville at approximately 12:45pm. I arrived at the doc’s office a bit late, at about 2:10pm — my appointment was for 2pm; and, to clarify why I am glad I left Springfield, I got stopped by a train on my way to the Springfield Clinic on 7th. Five minutes more, I would have had to reschedule my appointment. This would have been real bad because it was my annual physical and I was getting Rx refills. If I would have been late, I would have to have gone without my life-saving meds and figure something out later.

I filled the van up with gas and headed south on Rt. 4. My goal was Cairo, IL. I learned that driving at night with tinted windows is not a really good idea. Somewhere along the way, Two deer crossed my path — the first ran in front and the second ran into the passenger side of the van, damaging the passenger door and the adjoining side door. And, let’s just say the insurance isn’t going to cover it. (Pics below).

I pulled into Cairo (pronounced kay-row) at around 8pm. I decided that due to late hour and temp, I was going to stay in a motel — the Quality Inn — which was a bit pricier than I had expected. But, I was tired and I didn’t want to argue. The clerk explained to me how to go up I-57 to the nest exit “right up the road” to find a “diner.” First, it was ten miles away. Second, it was a bar, not a diner. So, instead of something with potatoes and veggies, I had a burger and fries and surrounded by people who were having fun talking about “darkies” with four black women near by. Classy.

The hotel room wasn’t worth the price, and I did not sleep well. I was up until about 2:30am because it was either too hot or too cold in the room. I woke up at 6am, got coffee, packed the van, and was headed towards Memphis, TN by 7am.

I think I may have alarmed a few people, including my daughter, with my Facebook post. Sorry about that all. After further reflection, it was really kind of humorous.

The vehicle damage that I have to just live with

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