Day 3 – Memphis, TN, to Tylertown, MS

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Zar Date 20170319 (I will have to figure out some dating system that is meaningful and cool as hell).

The image slider above shows where I was parked and the family of New Zealand Red Stag Deer grazing in front of my van at Paradise Ranch & Resort, the campground I stayed at that night.

I spent most of the day traveling the Delta region of Mississippi, down US-49W S and US Hwy 61 S, and along much of the Mississippi Blues Trail. I will have to return one day to travel AND visit the museums of the Blues Trail along the way because, unfortunately, I wanted to get as far south as possible before night fall.

Note: Whomever decides to take the back roads of Mississippi, make sure you have plenty of gas in your vehicle and food in your stomach before heading out, as places to stop are extremely rare once you get deep into the back roads of Southern Mississippi. The scenery, however, was worth every minute.

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