Cajun Country

Cajun Country

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Zar Date 20170324.8 (point 8 meaning day 8 of my travels).

I’m in Cajun Country, the Bayou. In fact, the Bayou Teche is about 100 feet from my camp site in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana; the Crawfish Capital of the World. I am here until Monday morning, March 27th, when I begin my slow ascent up north to Columbia, Missouri, to visit my son and his family, including my grand babies.

I have been here for three days. I have accomplished quite a bit in those three days. I have purged items from the van and rearranged the remaining until I finally feel comfortable in here; I finished America Gods by Neil Gaiman; and I figured out the wifi and electrical concerns. Well, kind of, but at least I feel confident enough to at least try independence (not being hooked up somewhere). I will just have to figure out a way to recharge the power pact at some point.

Actually, I am trying it now. My site is a primitive tent site — no electric or water. I chose this site intentionally to experiment, and the experiment is going well. The only thing is, a pitched tent is required. But, the owner of the campground was kind enough to just give me one; one that was left behind by previous campers. So, it’s pitched, but I’m staying in the van.

Unfortunately, a rather large storm is coming, and it’s supposed to last through Saturday — tomorrow. Apparently, it’s sweeping across the country, and, according to the radar, it’s scheduled to hit here around 11pm tonight. However, with the winds as they are, along with other clues, such as the scent in the air and the color of the clouds, I’m sure it’s going to be here sooner. I hope that Sunday provides me with the time to dry the tent out sufficiently because I don’t want that musty/molding smell stinking up the inside of the van. If not, I will have to try to dry it out really well at the next stop, wherever that may be.

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  1. RT
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    I just came across your travel blog and am very much enjoying it. I haven’t been on FB lately so have sort of lost track of old friends. Anyway, glad to see you have begun the adventure and are doing well. I look forward to following the Zar Trek west! Safe travels – rt

    • Jerry Zarley
      | Reply

      Hey RT. Great to hear from you. Thank you and I hope you’re doing well. JZ

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