Zar Date 20170406.21 Walmart Super-Highway

Zar Date 20170406.21 Walmart Super-Highway

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This log is being posted in a rather, well, shitty (for a lack of a better term) motel room in Grants, New Mexico. I landed here at about 5pm CDT, 6pm local (Mountain) time. I will be at my dad’s in Vegas sometime tomorrow afternoon.

You may be asking yourself how I got to where I am so fast, considering I was taking Route 66. I gave that shit up in Amarillo because I was trying like hell to get out of the cold nights. But, that won’t happen until I reach Phoenix, AZ, which is on the other side of the high/cold part of the mountains. It’s pretty up here but it’s gets damn windy and cold, and I wanted the hell outta here.

So, I jumped on the Walmart of the U.S. highway system — the interstate. Yes, the interstate is the Walmart of the highway system. Depending upon the time of day and area you’re in, the interstate is usually very chaotic, and I hate it. But, it is super convenient and less expensive. So the convenient and less expensive, in fact, that it is very difficult to resist no matter how much you may hate it — just like Walmart.

The back roads are like your local shops. They are much cooler and offer better scenery. Yet, they do not compare to the convenience and lower expense of Walmart. But, after I get out of the cold and visit with my father in Vegas, I plan on going back to the back roads.

Updates since my last post.

I had to go back to Springfield for a doc appointment due to a tumor scare. Turns out I was being a bit paranoid, but considering the fact that I had stage 4 throat cancer just a little over a year and a half ago and that this lump in my jaw wasn’t going away, I think my fear was justified. So, I jumped on the Walmart to get from South Central Louisiana back to Central Illinois in two days time. I did stay at a rest area outside of Springfield the night before my appointment. It was 44 degrees outside and 49 in the van when I woke up. BRRRRRR.

For the next two nights, I stayed with my buddy in the Peoria area for two reasons: (1) It was cold out; and (2) I had to wait until pay day to leave again as my funds were very short.

I know at some point that I am going to have to get used to being cold some times. That’s just the climate pretty much every where in the U.S. at some point, and it can sneak up on ya. But, I’m used to living in warm houses. So, this might take a little time.

I then drove to Columbia, MO to spend last weekend with my son and family, including my grand babies. It’s hard telling when i will see them again, so I just had to.

Then, on my trip west, I stopped in Salina (pronounced Sa – lie-Na), OK, to visit a friend I have scene since I was a teen. She was the short term girlfriend of my buddy when we were 15/16 years old, and I “dated” a couple of her friends during that time period. I happened to run across her on Facebook many years ago, and we remained friends. It was a great visit and a pleasure seeing her again and meeting her family.

On Zar Date 20170405.20 I stayed at a camp site at Foss Lake State Park outside of Clinton, OK.

I jump back onto Walmart tomorrow morning to head for Vegas. Speaking of Walmart. I need more shaving gel.

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