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Jerry Zarley

Retired and following my dreams — simplicity, traveling, exploring, learning, contemplating, and expressing myself through writing, poetry, and music, among other ways.

I’m traveling North America in my self-converted campervan, and it is here where I chronicle my experiences along the way.

Why “Zar Trek?”, you ask. When I was hanging out with one of my buddies, talking to him about my plans, and because (1) my buddies had called me “Zar” in the past, (2) my buddies and I are big Star Trek fans, and (3) “Zar” rhymes with “Star,” he blurted out “Zar Trek” to describe my journey. I promised I would give him credit.

I also provide a variety of online services — paralegal, mediation, and copying editing and proofreading. Click here to learn more about the services I provide.