Multitasking extraordinaire. I am the sole proprietor and employee of Jerry Zarley eServices, providing a number of professional services all at once. I’m a senior level certified and accredited paralegal with nearly two decades of experience as a substantive paralegal, researcher, writer, copy editor, and proofreader of legal materials.

I recently received a certificate in Mediation Skills from the Center for Conflict Resolution in Chicago, but my education, background, and life experiences make me a uniquely qualified mediator. In addition, I am uniquely qualified in social media marketing for professionals and small businesses because, in addition to my education, background, and life experiences, I have had an online presence virtually since the Internet went public.

I earned my BA and Paralegal Certification in 1997 and, subsequently, an MA in Legal Studies in 2000. Since March of 1999, I have performed and continue to perform the following:

(1) Legal Research, Analysis, and Writing for many amicus briefs, case summaries, legal bulletins, magazine articles and columns, web content, advisory opinions, and other publications;

(2) Copy editing and proofreading of numerous publications, verifying content, citations, formatting, and indexing;

(3) Created the structure of and maintained the Legal Section of my employer’s website;

(4) Communicated and worked directly with thousands of attorneys throughout the State of Illinois and the Country; and,

(5) Disseminated and provided relevant legal and other information to staff, Board of Directors, and clients.

AND . . . I have never missed a deadline in all of those years.

See my Resume Here

My specialty practice areas include Constitutional Law, Family Law, Municipal Law, and all subcategories of each of those, including, but not limited to, Employment, Civil Rights, Discrimination, Land Uses, and much more.

I am a member of the Illinois Paralegal Association, National Federation of Paralegal Associations, and the Robert Morris University in Springfield Paralegal Advisory Board.

Finally, I earned Certification in Mediation Skills from the Center for Conflict Resolution – Chicago. See my Certificate Here.

Therefore, I am uniquely qualified to perform any of the services that I offer. Feel free to contact me with any questions and/or samples of my work.

I look forward to serving you.