I have a BA and an MA in Legal Studies from the University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS). One must become certified in English writing skills to receive a BA in Legal Studies from UIS. In addition, I have been a published and republished writer for over 17 years. From my education and working experiences, I (as well as others) consider myself to be an expert in the field.

Services for Legal Documents
Although editing and proofreading are two distinct performances, the two go hand-in-hand when it comes to legal work. For nearly two decades, I have been researching, analyzing, writing, reviewing, editing, and proofreading legal works: briefs, motions, articles, law reviews, books (including indexing), contracts, and case and legislative summaries. I edit and proofread for content, form, styling, grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, and citation format and verification. In the editing and proofreading process, I track changes for your approval and provide comments when appropriate. Although I verify content, I will not change the content without your approval.

Web Content
For nearly a quarter century, I have also performed similar copy editing and proofreading services for web content, such as web pages and blog posts. I am also highly proficient with HTML.

Other Works
Although I specialize in legal documents and web content, I perform similar copy editing and proofreading services in other fields as well, such as fiction and other non-fiction books and articles. I will surely inform you if something is outside of my area, such as mechanics or engineering.

Basic pricing for copy editing and proofreading services is $37.50 per hour for timely work and $45 per hour for expedited work, with a one-hour minimum. Other pricing options, such as per work product, are also available. Contact me for other pricing options, or to see samples of my work.